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Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Damn!!I Love This Lolipop~


It’s been (maybe) long time I didn’t post anything in my blog because I’m getting busy every single day!Perhaps in this November will be busy month ever ..why?Pemantapan is starting tomorrow!go-fight~haha its cliché when I’m hear pemantapan ,what ‘pemantapan’ called in English?okay,lemme tell you about my tomorrow schedule..check this out!
04:00 I must wake up and check what must Im bring to school,ah ya don’t forget to take a bath,then Shalat Shubuh (pray to God hope this first pemantapan will be better)..and Prepare before go to School,InsyaAllah I wanna fasting Monday-Wednesday starting tomorrow..hope the fasting successfully..Amien
Pemantapan starting at 06:00 am its mean I must go at 05:30 right?
Okay Monday will be exciting day(no more sleepy head in class,Haha)..
At at 13:45 Im home and sleep for awhile..and gotta go to Stanford at 16:30..
That’s all..