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Minggu, 22 April 2012

Website Review : "Webtoycam"

Woaaahhh I just found these website while I’m googling..
Tadaaa these website is uber-kewl and ahmazing (I thing ) we can take online photo use your own webcam.
And after I try it..hmm I feel  I want it more..more and more,Damn!I’m addicted to use this website.Because what?? the effect is naturally kewl!
You should try this Ok!!

How To Start :
1.Click www.neave/webcam/
2.Then You choose > Ready? Smile!

3.After that "please allow access to your webcam" you choose Allow ..
4.Push the camera icon in the right side..(But you can choose the effect,there is 60 effect you can use it) and the webcam will automatically countdown 3..2..1..

4.Push the camera icon in the right side..
5.You can save it by click-ing >Download (by click-ing >Download the photo will save automatically to your computer),But if you wanna deleted it you choose >Go back.

Yeaayy here is it myphoto after using the "webcamtoy"