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Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Burgundy makes me feel...

*Hollaaaaa mis queridos amigos!Mucho tiempo no he escrito nada..
Siento muy bien para escribir en el idioma de España :) (En realidad no me para nada)..pero he usado el traductor de google :p
porque estoy usando español??Acabo de ver Scooby Doo episodio meksiko..haha no es tan divertido lo suficiente?!
Rrrr vamos a volver a la normal del lenguaje~
I will post about my next project..ahyaa lately I starting like to collect anything with burgundy colour!yippiee.. 
Like this one : I just order from my mum yesterday (my mum is one of member oriflame Indonesia )
 *Pure Colour Nail Polish Burgundy

 And then my next project is..I will colour my hair like this one...hehe :))

* (Hollaaaaa my dear friends! Long time I have not written anything ..

Feel good to write in Spain Language :) (Actually I'm not doing it at all) .. but I used the google translator heehee :)

why I'm using Spanish? I just watched Scooby Doo meksiko episode .. haha isn't funny enough??

Let's go back to normal language ~)

Adios Amigos... :* kisshug!