Guest Who

Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Miss my blog sooo much..

Whoaaah I miss my blog :')
Long time I didn’t post anything right? I’m so sorry I’m kinda busy everyday and many story I haven’t share to you guys ,I’m really-really sorry and I can’t connect to the internet because internal problem ,heehe
Hmm long time I didn’t open the internet I feel empty because I never got the new information that usually I Checked every day !
whoaaahh no tweet no status no download no youtube no blog! I feel like damn ‘out of date’ teenagers who don’t know everything .. (don’t ya?)
I’m writing on the phone like texting and made plan for what should I do then , when the internal problem is over and then saved to my draft folder on my phone ,I’m writing everything I’ve find every single day .
But,when the internal problem is over I think twice what should I post to the blog,suddenly the idea which saved on my phone disappeared , Im getting confused now what should I do now and do then??
I think that’s enough for now because I wanna re-set my blog, Ok?see ya!