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Senin, 14 Mei 2012

Filled Out the SNMPTN form :)

*breath in..breath out..
Just now i just finished completing the form "SNMPTN 2012 Online" ,because this is my first time to filling it ,i feel "w-o-w" because the SNMPTN form will determine my future!Right?
hmm when I fill the form 'Course that I will take' there was a little debate with my parents repeatedly asked me "Am I sure with my future?" Of course I'm really sure about that, like my father always told to me "choose what your heart says" ..and I repeatedly ask to my heart "Am I ready for the next 4 years??because the real future is in my hands,NOT in the other hands" Right?!
I was crying when filling out the form,Yes because the little debate!But I think I am selfish and easily getting angry..Yes, it couldn't be denied again that I am a labile teenagers..everybody's feel it when they're in teenagers phase right??ha ha
Ok back to topic.
hmm after I fill the form I always check if there is incorrect  or there is a mistake data..I really worried because the chance is one time and (I hope) this is once in a lifetime..Yesterday when I bought the PIN I feel this is 'sacred moment' ha ha :) Ah ya there is funny moment when  I'm at Mandiri Bank (Sayati) ,I called "Bu" twice by two different people.. Ha ha first with the man (I think the age is same with me),and second with the Bank teller,hmm 'Rizky Ginanjar' was the name of the teller!he's really cool ,fragrant , neat ,friendly ,and the important think is He's charming :D (" why'd you have to be so cute?it's impossible to ignore you" ~ Imogen Heap w/ Goodnight and Go.. )
Finally I choose : (Hope the God bless me :) )

IPB - Manajemen
UPI - Pend. Bahasa Inggris
UPI - Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris

NB : I hope Allah bless my choice..Amin and my future will be comes true..Amin Ya Allah

*I believe If we work & study really hard and serious just see what will happen later :)

Kiss Hug, Sara

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