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Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Coulinary @ Festiv City Link w/ mydaddy :)

Yesterday is happiest day for me,because its been for 1 week for me I didnt go anywhere (Im sick),And Yesterday is first day to got lesson again after twice holiday from Stanford English Course,and the lessons started from 17:00 pm until 18:00 pm (Short time isnt it?but for me no problem :) )Im happy to met my teacher Mr.Jeddy and course friend like Mas Indra,Rivan Dach,Mirna,Fauzi Im laugh everysec beacuse Im happy to be there :D and long time Im not laugh like that.Ahahahah its funny when Im remembering that moment and when we passed the course we lil bit talk 'bout university w/ Mirna and Rivan Dach, hmm interesting topic that we talk about PMDK and so on!after Pray Maghrib my daddy picked me up from Stanford and I said that I wanted to around Bandung,my daddy said to me just go to the Festival City Link and I agreed.After we arrived and we go there around the mall.I looked around there is a End Year-First Year Discount Book from Gramedia yeayyy!!!Im so excited and hurried to go there and after choosed some Novel,I just in love for a sec with The Virgin Suicide by Jeffrey Eugenides and Heart Sick by Chelsea Cain both of them is thriller Novel I think because it told about murderer and suicide.
Yes I just dying to read thrilller Novel because for me is no one i liked except reading the novel!I just read the Virgin Suicide and then after that Heart Sick.Why'd i choosed them because both of them are International best seller.
Here is the Novel :

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